Words that Paint #34

The perfect moment ❤ Sometimes, words express what the heart cannot. This little snippet is inspired from my novel, Sojourn, … More

Words that Paint #33

Dreams are often the most misleading, but also the most accurate descriptions of our future 🙄

Words that Paint #32

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in Love.  The above lines by the Greek playwright Sophocles, reiterate the … More

Words that Paint #31

Started writing on the Mirakee app and it’s an amalgamation of writers across the country who read and like your … More

Words that Paint #29

Found new art and this is what it is 💙 A new way to present my words on the canvas. 

Words that Paint #28

It’s funny how love moulds a person into a story 💙 Make sure you preserve your stories because who knows … More

Words that Paint #27

One for love after a long time 💙 Memories that make us who we are. The past that determines our … More

Words that Paint #26

Motivation game strong 👍💙 Soul searching seems like an everyday task. What do we mean by freedom? 

Words that Paint #25

Another piece on motivation theory. Perhaps, this is something that I must apply to my life as well 🙂 💙