Sojourn – Book Launch

Welcome, The official launch of my debut novel, Sojourn shall be held on 2nd September, 2017. This is an official notification issued … More


Sojourn, A Woman In Exile is now ready for sale globally across various online platforms. It still seems like a distant … More

Sojourn Insight #5

Here I am, presenting another snippet from my novel, Sojourn, A Woman In Exile and along with this I would … More


कभी जो बादल बरसे  पिंजरे में बंद एक चिड़िया तरसे कोई पंख देकर उसे उड़ा दे फिरसे हर बूंद में … More

A Fantasy

Come meet me in the bower,  On a full moon night.  Under the blanket of a starry shower,  Come bathe … More

Words that Paint #20

Success is not a story, it’s a feeling to be cherished. Some lines for the little things that matter! ❤

Sojourn – Insight #4

Tadaaaaa again! Here I am, posting another insight from my upcoming novel Sojourn and I hope this will appeal to … More