Chit Chat and Tarot Cards



Yeah, I understand how utterly incorrigible I am and I don’t even know how this happened but I lost track of my weekly blogs. Never mind, let me try it one more time!

I have to talk about this but, I don’t know if many of you will want to talk about it. Coming from a country of superstitions, I do not wish to impose this stereotype further but recently, I have been noticing a change in my self. I think, I may have started believing in Tarot Cards and the entire enchilada that accompanies it. I’m not saying that I have started planning my days according to the readings I get, or that I have been asking for readings before taking any major decision in my life. It’s just that I think I am relating to it on some level.

It began in October last year, when I was invited to speak at a literature festival in my city. After the event, I happened to chance upon a tarot reading stall that had been installed there for fun and recreation. Please note, this was the first time in my life that I had done such a thing – spend 1200 rupees on a tarot reading but then curiosity is a curious cat, or whatever! So, it turned out, as per the reading that I was about to be disheartened in the near future because of some reason, and ironically within a week I lost a very attractive job offer that I had in my purse for the last two months. The publishing house just cancelled on me saying they hired someone else and couldn’t wait for me any longer. That is when I stumbled upon an online tarot reading website, and ever since I have been receiving weekly emails from them, as and how my readings turn out to be. In case you’re laughing at my stupidity, these weekly readings are for free! I wasn’t going to spend more money on bad news.

The thing that fascinates me the most is how every week the readings have been corresponding (by some freakish coincidence) to my mood or train of thought. I know, it can be mere coincidence, or another breach of privacy by technology, but by all means, it turns out to be a very pleasant surprise for me. It makes me feel happy, even if I get an unwelcome reading because it gives me a satisfaction that there is someone out there who perhaps is thinking about me, even if it’s just another computer!

Do share your views on this. I would like to know how affected is the public by stuff like horoscopes, tarot cards, et cetera. Let me wind up for now. I know this blog didn’t really impart any great information but we don’t really want facts all the time, right?

Sign out.



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