One Step At A Time

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So, with great happiness I would like to announce that I am successfully moving on to my second blog, which I understand is not weekly at all because it’s been merely three days and I couldn’t control the urge to write, which is weird because I have a career defining exam in the next 20 days and instead of studying I want to write. I also know this for a fact that this urge to write will be replaced by something called Netflix and YouTube once I’ll be done with my exam!

Human nature is not unpredictable, but it is absolutely erratic for sure, or is it just me? Anyway, the point is that whatever happens will happen one way or the other. We might feel like we’re altering our ‘destiny’ by working hard, but the fact that you worked hard might have been one reason that it was predestined and that one would’ve have been successful by hook or by crook.

Without getting philosophical let me talk about my routine which is nothing but a slow death of time, why? One because I don’t have anything else to talk about, remember, I told you how utterly boring my life was and is, even if I am in the prime of my time. Second, because deep down I am an extremely lazy person who doesn’t really know how to utilize time. For example, I set a certain goal for myself for today but I haven’t even started working on that because I have been busy doing nothing. I don’t understand why my daily routine wastes so much of my valuable time! Getting up in the morning, attending to nature’s call, taking a bath and finally getting ready for the day takes around 2 to 3 hours, especially on a holiday. Maybe, the fact that I don’t wake up early is one factor, but again no amount of alarm clocks are enough to wake me up before my time.

I shall continue working on this problem, until I achieve my goals, because one always needs some goal, however big or small, in order to keep going.

Sign Out.


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