Here We Go!

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For the longest time, I have been wanting to start a weekly blog regime where I can interact more with my readers and those who take time out to have a look at my writings. In between these blogs, I’ll make sure I incorporate little snippets of writing and other things such as a short story or extracts from my next novel, if and when that begins!

Now, I realize that my life isn’t as aesthetic that I need a constant camera that can look upon my shoulders and record everything that happens to me, but a weekly blog should do the job of making myself visible enough to my readers. My debut novel Sojourn, A Woman In Exile was well received at the initial stage but now sales have stopped, limiting to a few copies every month. I know there are a number of factors contributing to the descent of my literary creation, one of them being the lack of a good marketing strategy, which in fact was non-existent in my situation. Also, I wish to restructure the plot, perhaps add to it or delete some of it. I believe that writing is an ongoing process and there is always much scope for changes, even after publication.

Another thing that I might want to talk about in my blogs, is the prospect of getting published on Amazon. I do have this seed of thought that wants me to change from traditional publishing to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (K.D.P.), which I feel is more rewarding and shall be more in my control. That, however, is a story for another blog. For today, let me start with a beginning because I refuse to get pulled down to the bottom, and each time I will be pulled down, I trust the universe in pushing me back up, if only to help me stay afloat. Learning to swim is my job and that will be learnt after a number of near death experiences in the water.

Till then,
Good Morning and have a productive day ahead!
Sign Out.



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