Happy Women’s Day!

How can we celebrate a concept as hideous and fake as Women’s Day?

Spending ourselves on shopping and in parlours, all in the name of pampering ourselves? How are we ever going to achieve equality if we keep satisfying ourselves with one single day to our credit? What about the other 364 days when we run low on our self esteem and confidence, when we stagger at every step that we take and find faults with our self for being a burden to our selves, friends, families and perhaps to society as a whole. Why should we celebrate this facade called Women’s Day when we can’t celebrate our opinions, our freedom, our choices and perhaps, our existence.

Honestly, I feel pathetic everytime someone wishes me a chirpy “Happy Women’s Day”. It’s as if society is offering me a bait to keep quiet and suffer silently for the rest of the year. It’s as if I’m a child who’s being appeased by a menial toy, to keep their mouths shut for the time being. It’s as if my force is being mellowed down to a party just for the sake of celebrating it, almost like an unwanted birthday party.

First ensure happiness as a state of mind for each and every woman out there, at least for women around you, and then perhaps you can have the nerve to wish me, “Happy Women’s Day”.



  1. You make a strong point. I can certainly understand why the holiday comes across as fake to you. Women’s Day means something different to everyone. For me, it’s a celebration of female resilience and solidarity throughout the shit-storm that is our inherently unequal existence. It doesn’t change the status quo; however, I am inspired by clear dissenting voices such as your own.

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