Ramblings of an Overactive Mind.

Have you been waiting for your time to begin? Have you been waiting for good things to happen to you while you compromise with the second best option and feel yourself to be stuck up in a situation that doesn’t seem very attractive.

Well, at the age of 24, turning 25 in two days, I seem to be experiencing something which is known as “Mid Life Crisis” even if it’s just a quarter of life that I have completed. Needless to say, I’m not planning to live till 100, but yeah you know what I mean.

However, the deal is that I am unable to bring myself to terms with the reality of my life. It’s as if the defensive bubble that I had created around myself all these years, popped all of a sudden and left me stranded because the decisions I once took seem wrong and there aren’t any new decisions left for me to take. Perhaps, I’m too scared to think of that reality as bad. What if this is just a phase that’ll pass through like everything else did. What if I’m over thinking, and there’s a high probability of me overthinking situations because I’ve been doing that ever since I started thinking about stuff.

Anyway, what is important is that I’m still in control of the situation, if at all there is a situation. Sorry for wasting your time but you should have guessed that this blog is nothing but a ‘Rambling of an Overactive Mind’.

Sign out.



  1. There is no wasted time, maybe its me only. I do subscribe to a belief, that if you listen you will hear, if you listen enough you can understand. And fall in love while you listen to someone important in your life.

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