Why Do You Need An Editor?

So, are you done with writing whatever you had thought of putting down on paper? Are you done with reading it twice or thrice, feeling overwhelmed at your creative talent? Are you done with cuddling it and telling it how much you love it?
If yes, then it’s time you hand over your written baby to a professional editor. Why? That’s because one will never, not even the most professional author, will ever find faults with what they write. Even if they do, they will never acknowledge those faults because for a writer, their written word is sacred. But your reader is a third person, who has never heard of you, and doesn’t really know about your excellent language skills. Often, one typing error, or a spelling mistake, or a misused article can affect your reputation seriously.
That’s where an editor comes into picture – as a medium between you and your readers. Your editor takes up the responsibility of making your manuscript error free, not just in terms of language, but also in terms of structure and detailing. A novel is a complex narrative with a number of events and your editor ensures that your work finishes perfectly in order with Aristotle’s unity of time, space and action.
It is for this reason that editors are often disliked by authors because they offer too many corrections, making the authors feel that they are losing their language and style. This is something that both the author and the editor must keep in mind, before trusting each other to work on that manuscript.
With Temptation Of Words, you can get your language and style matched with us, before deciding whether to avail our services. We offer to do a sample chapter for you and we proceed if and only if you are satisfied with the quality of our work.




  1. I do agree to that concept and notion. In order to push the author to come out of his/her cave of comfort in order not just gain monetary and infamous fame. Coz the editor knows what a specific audience caters to. So in turn, all authors must utilize that half trust we can give to a pro editor.

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