Sexual-ization of Media Content

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Now this is something that has been on my mind since long, something that also deeply hurts my idea of the society, and perhaps my country.

How often has it been that you turn on the radio, no matter which channel it is, and all you get to hear are sleazy innuendos and cheap slapstick humour? How often have you felt that most of the times, that cheap humour was unneeded and irrelevant to not only the society but also to, say the time of the day and the company you are with. Why is sex such a huge selling point in my country? And, I’m not just dragging my country in this pool of mud, I’m certain that sexual-ization of content in media, especially the radio is a serious issue everywhere. It feels as if we’re living among perverts who find the audacity to sneer at the slightest innuendo that they may come up with, disregarding the fact that they’re speaking on a public platform.

And, the cherry on the cake comes when the same media platforms, be it the radio or television, will then suddenly become the flag bearers of protest against sexism and male chauvinism. Irony seems to be growing in population. Because no other explanation arises out of the fact that on one hand you are projecting sexist images and audio recordings on the radio while on the other hand you want to talk about some recent lad who is trending on YouTube because of his extremely derogatory and sexist song about some woman he wants to copulate without her consent. Why do we then talk about consent if these are the kinds of songs that we wish to propagate and make famous by ‘hating’ it to the level of giving it over one million views on YouTube. And not just that, we even hosts events in its name especially in the capital city of the country and sing the same song on the top of our voices. Is this one issue that even divides the youth of our nations?

Without digressing, is this the young radio culture? Propagating their radio jockeys as “kadak launde” (hard boys, whatever they imply by ‘hard’) or “bade mujhe bhi ache lagte hai, par chote ad break” (even I like them big, but shorter ad breaks) in a sensual and orgasmic voice. Honestly, when I hear all this there is just one thing that comes to my mind and that is lament. I lament the loss of dignity in society. This is the kind of freedom of expression that we need to curb. This is the kind of perverted filth that we need to stop from polluting the minds of our future generations. Why do kids these days become mature before they even acquire puberty? Or, why is puberty hitting kids at the age of eight? Lifestyle changes, perhaps. But more than that, it is this unnecessary exposure that can’t be avoided because it’s everywhere.

Well, what more can be done except avoiding it, or turning a deaf ear to it, as in literally. This won’t stop because what sells is what they will sell. I wish I could get to write radio and media scripts for a day, because I’m sure I could have created better content, if not then at least that wouldn’t have been obscene and embarrasing to the general public.

Sign out.



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