Book Launches Decoded


In my earlier post, I had invited all of you to my book launch. Ever since, I have been getting queries from my ‘not so literature loving’ friends that they have no idea what to do at a book launch. Well, here are some tips that you may keep in mind regarding what actually happens at such an event.

First, a book launch is categorically an event that is meant to introduce the Author and his/her work to the reading market. It is not a launch party and neither is it some kind of a formal conference or seminar.

Second, the kind of people who attend book launches are generally bibliophile(s) who find it intellectually raising to be a part of such events. Some of them could be present because they are friends with the author and are there to support him/her in the act of launching his/her book.

Third, any book launch may be decorated with good acoustics and refreshments,  but the actual purpose of a launch is discussing the book written by the author so that people get interested to buy and share the book. So, as interesting it may sound, it is actually a salad topped with a good whipped cream dressing.

And last, any book launch functions essentially with the purpose of attracting media attention towards itself because who else has the capacity to sell your book if not the media?

I am hoping that all the above points were helpful to my readers in some way at least. The rest can be taken care of when we meet at my launch 🙂


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