Sojourn – Insight #4

Tadaaaaa again! Here I am, posting another insight from my upcoming novel Sojourn and I hope this will appeal to my readers and make them buy my book! 💙

The power of Nature is something that I have explored unabashedly in the book because, yeah, we are modern and everything but Nature is one respite from all our problem, and always will be. At least for me it is. And also for my protagonist!

So sit back and enjoy these random perks that I have for all my readers, who extended their support to me even when I’m a nobody. As far as the book is concerned, I guess I’m just waiting. I know, it was supposed to be out in May but now it’s June and honestly, I don’t know how to commit to a date. It’s India we live in and it’s traditional publishing that I’m indulging in, so I must be patient. That goes without saying.

However, in the mean time, my next perk will be a book trailer that I’m trying to design (on my own, just for the record) which I shall soon publish.

Thank you for the love.

P. S. Sometimes I feel as if I’m going to give away the entire novel this way, in perks!



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