First Love 💙

This​ is pertaining to my recent detachment towards reading. It’s sad and I feel an absence in my life, an absence that I want to fill but I’m not able to because for some unknown reason my reading habit has taken a back seat. It’s as if writing has drawn me apart from reading and that is something I’m not really appreciating. 

There are times when I miss your touch on my fingers, the smell of your being that I relive in my memories and the happiness of holding you in my hands. 

Oh, I miss you so much, my Books 😍💙



  1. This is one of my major concerns Rashi. And believe me, I was planning to post on this same issue. About this lost love of ours. Every time I take a book to read I’ve got my phone blinking with messages and notifications!

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    1. Yes! The internet and technology is the root of this problem. I figured this out a few days back but I haven’t been able to implement this in my routine. Reading has taken a major setback and even if I really really want to just grab a good Classic and pour myself into it, I’m unable to 😦

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