Anarchy and Truth

Yeah, this post isn’t about my upcoming book, it is a stolen piece of writing from the musings I often end up writing to myself.

 Come on, write and vent it our of your system because this world has the capacity to tear you to pieces and you won’t even realize how hard it’s going to get and how willingly you’re going to let the world suck out your soul, leaving you with emptiness and shredded self confidence as residue.

Why do I need to let people decide what is and what is not good for me?

Even if I’m unable to take control over my life, it is still my life and I shouldn’t allow anyone to overtake it, not even the people I care about or who care about me.

Is anarchy a good thing? Well, it should have been, as far as the human mind is concerned – at least there wouldn’t have been any instances of blockage and claustrophobia.

Anyway, how does it even matter? As long as it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t bother you as well.

Sign out. 


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