“Soul Freedom Chain” by Ishrath Humairah

Certainly, I didn’t see this coming,
I’m sure you didn’t either.
Those signs weren’t enough alarming,
As is the situation that stands hither.

Everything happened step by step,
As if all of this was destined.
From losing interest to crying and fret,
I lose my mind in a second.

I fought with Others, I fought with You,
Nothing could make me better.
With time, I realized all this wasn’t new,
Long bound was I by this fetter.

Hoping You could revive me out of this malaise,
I cling to You for the smallest support.
But your words unnerved me to unease,
Words of mockery from the one I dote.

I’ve realized my position, if not the cure,
Came alone in this world, shall leave alone for sure.



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