Yes, I am my Passion


A short story from the point of view of a young man.

Do we want to do it the conventional way or any way would be just fine. Well they say write an article about your passion and that sets me thinking a lot about myself. Do I really have a passion? My my do I stand in this universe as a passion-less person? Because I never seem to enjoy anything to the fullest in life. Pleasure for me is a passive emotion. You know how it is. Of course you don’t. Even I don’t as of that matter.
When I really strain hard to think of what really excites me, yes you may smirk because I had the same thing in mind but of course besides that, I think and think to conclude that it’s the time I spend with myself that really excites me. Well let me explain it to you. I love being with myself and that is why there are times when I’m all alone at home but the happiest, then I like spending money on myself like to buy clothes for myself or other things of my use, then I like grooming myself I mean so what if I’m a guy I still like to apply multani mitti on my face if that gives me a clear skin, then I like to look after my health and for that I don’t think twice before hitting the gym, it’s a space where I can admire myself where I can care about myself where I can feel the importance that I hold in my life. After what seems like a self obsessed saga of my being I think I know where my passion lies. It’s me okay. I am my passion. And I don’t feel ashamed to say that proudly because why should I. I am the first gift I have for myself and I would like to keep it safe and happy.
Is that enough or do I talk more about myself? 😋

While writing this for a friend I realized how important it is for all of us to love ourselves more than anything else. What I am suggesting must not be confused with self obsession but should be understood as self esteem and importance. Forgetting the very self in the act of love and kindness is not only not feasible but also sad.
Funny how little things in life make you realize the big matters of living.


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