Writer’s Block. Really?

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Really? What difference does it make if I cannot complete a task that I promised (myself) I would do? I mean, doing that work is definitely tough but what is not tough is procrastinating about it. I wonder why. If you still want to know what I’m talking about then it’s my old rant about being lazy and incorrigible. Of course this time, again, I’m being lazy about my first writing venture. I think I’m afflicted with Writer’s Block. My, my, that’s a huge responsibility it seems. I feel all grown up and responsible as if I’ve had truckloads of work upon my puny shoulders and I’m unable to bring fruition to them. Of course not. I write because I like writing. I want to be a writer because I want to be a writer. It’s that simple. It’s no big dream of my family to see me in writer shoes. Well, they actually wanted me to become a doctor but any ways, the point is, if it’s my dream that I’m fulfilling then why do I need constant reminders and pushes to make me give my hundred percent to it? Tough question. Irrational answer. No answer in fact. I believe that Blogging helps me get back into the skin of my writer self and that’s why I use it as a medium to evade that feeling of being creatively blocked. This time, though, it is very different. It’s been nearly a week I haven’t written anything, not strived to move my plot further, not struggled with the fountain pen I use, yet I have this weird confluence of shamelessness and shame within me. I regret wasting time watching TV or on social media, but I also can’t bring myself to pick up that pen, refill it with a fresh bout of royal blue ink and barge into the diary I write in. And see here I am talking crap about how I’m afflicted with Writer’s Block but I could manage to spill out so many words on this post. Life’s such a game. It’s hard to play along especially if you have an over thinking mind like mine. I guess the idea has always been to stop procrastinating and start doing. Ha. Easy to write but Harder to implement.

P.S. Now I realize. It’s only been 400 words. Damn. I am afflicted with Writer’s Block. Diagnosed.


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