What produces Writing – Inspiration or Desperation?


Well. It’s true. Sad but true. Writing has become a showbiz. And no, I’m not talking about script writing or lyric writing or any of those near the entertainment industry. I’m talking about the pristine act of Book Writing.

Today I saw (mind you, I didn’t read it) an article in Hindustan Times that talked about teenage writers taking to writing about social stigmas, rape, dark gloomy explorations of alternative sexualities and sexual passions. Well, good enough. The awareness seeping into these young minds is good. At least they know of the problems that exist in the world outside. But, where is the innocence?

I know writing a book requires an immense amount of influence of the topic you’re discussing and it should be entrenched deep in your system and psyche for you to be able to do justice to your written word. I know because I myself am writing these days. So does that mean these teenagers are so ardently affected by such issues.I have to ask again.

Where is the innocence?

If children today are discussing the dark deeds of the world then where are they going? What is going to be their future? How will they see the world when they actually have to grow up and face these challenges? Where will any hope or any light be left in their perspective of the world? Even though it is great news that children these days are taking to book writing, in a world that is so bent on diminishing the hard copy. But I didn’t quite like the idea of despair ridden and decrepit writing from ‘should be young’ and energetic children who are still under the protection of schools and their parents. Are these youngsters taking to painful subject matters because of the popularity they gain or are they writing about such issues because they are so caught up with them.

In fact I don’t understand the idea why such young people take to writing. I mean, unless it’s really the writer’s instinct that makes them pen down their thoughts, their writing ventures must be checked. At least publishing houses must check the content to be published before letting these youngsters step out into the world of writing. I’m not saying that young people must not write, but if a youngster wants to take to writing, it must be something special and divine to inspire them to write.

Another subject matter that is wearied with use is Love, but of course love being evergreen, can be moulded and given numerous interpretations. But then again I’m tired of seeing books like, “Love this and this” or “The love story this and that” and many more. Unless they really touch your heart, they’re useless, if the love being talked about is only on the lines of – boy and girl meet, have sex, get married and the story ends.

Love with a cause or maybe Love that is pious is what I am and readers like me are looking forward to relish.

To be honest, even I’m on my first writing venture and I also know which way I don’t have to go, I think that will make my work different. Without boasting about myself, let me take a break and escape to writing sensible stuff rather than this.
Sign out.


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