Life Outside the Prison Garden


Tragedy seems to be a way of life. As they say, one wouldn’t know the light without the presence of darkness, similarly one wouldn’t know happiness without knowing sadness. But does that mean we let tragedies keep happening to us? That is one question I’d like to address in this post. Where do we draw the line? What amount of tragedy should I bear to trigger happiness in my life? Personally I feel that human beings are the most laziest of Nature’s creations, not because we enjoy watching television all day and enjoy days full of slumber; but because unlike other living beings, we don’t fight to survive but rather we conform to survive. This is true mostly in our relationships and in matters relating to our faith. We tend to accept what has been levied to us in the name of traditions, but to take such risk, I’m sure we will end up in an Unhappy-Mess rather than Happiness. If we deliberately choose to keep our senses shut to the flaws of our life, we will never realize the unhappy messes of our life because the greatest threat to our happiness would be our self and one day we will succumb to the demands of life and vanish into thin air. But for one moment, let’s think about it, will then we able to look back at our respective lives with a sense of absolute satisfaction? Did we live a regret free life? Whatever happens after death is another story but what about the last moments of your life when before dying you’ll have your entire life projected in front of your eyes, will you be able to cherish each moment? Will you be able to assert that, “Yes. I have lived my life to the fullest. I have no regrets because I was able to eliminate the regret causing factors/people from my life.” The severest of problems we humans have (Indians especially) is that we tend to revere relationships or, let me spell it right, we tend to revere stable relationships, but we forget to revere/respect the very person with whom we are in a relationship. We end up in conflict. And that is so hard to avert that we find it most easy to not work out issues and conform. In this process, the self is the only thing that suffers the most. What I’m trying to make sense of is not becoming self-centered but self-serving. Let’s say twenty, forty, sixty-five years of your life you have spent with a person who doesn’t really care about whatever you do for them. What kind of relationship is that? Where is the love in this relationship even though you might say that it’s love that’s making you hold on to him/her? In twenty-three years of my life there is one thing I understand with absolute certainty, which being that Love is an emotion that can never demean anybody and that no relationship can be devoid of love; be it parent child, lovers, husband wife or whatsoever. If you are stuck in an intimidating relationship in the name of love then I’m sorry, but you are the greatest threat to your existence. No matter how many reasons you may give, ‘support, children, society’ but you in your hearts will know the reason and that will be only because you are a Coward.
It is my request to all those who are stuck in such relationships to at least make an attempt to rescue themselves. May be life outside your prison garden is more beautiful, more stable, how does one know unless one makes an effort? Even if you fail, you will have the confidence to live life on your own terms and have no regrets that you never tried. Best of luck. Sign out.

P. S. It comes from a person who still hasn’t been able to make a move but at least the speculation is on.


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