“To do or not to do; is the question.”


Writing a book is definitely an elaborate affair and in spite of earlier innumerable attempts at writing a book,I’m still very keen on writing one;the story of my life,a story that deals with life in simple and Real terms,a hard hitting reality or maybe a simple love story. Not an autobiographical venture, no certainly not,but definitely a fiction embedded in reality. Most authors/writers tend to complete a book over a span of some years and I often wonder how they find the will to hold on to something for so long.Maybe it’s the love of writing that keeps them going and I’m not sure if I ever want or ever would be able to complete one but I do really wish to write one and like most authors who would have faced this dilemma, even I’m going through one. When do I start writing? Twice before I had embarked upon this venture but the output was not what I pictured my work to be like. I don’t want my book to be a short term contemporary success but rather a story deep enough to hold relevance at all times, maybe even after my departure from this world. Not a story of what I’ve done in the twenty two years of my life but rather what I’ve felt, what I’ve become in all these years, not a story of my success(however meager it may be)but a story of my failures. That failure which would turn into success with the aid of my writing. So do I write only to earn a name for myself or am I seeking a kind of redemption for myself? I guess I’m not yet ready to answer such questions but I do hope to find answers to these questions in the process of writing. To be true, I believe in a simple concept that it is life that molds us as an individual. Being a mere creation of nature (scientific, religious or whatever) we can never mold life the way we want to and so no matter how much I dream about working in a top multinational magazine company as it’s editor,I have a feeling that I might end as a typical writer with a jute bag full of copies of my manuscript begging publishers to animate my written word into a living book. I would say that my pen and paper are ready, all I’m waiting for is a concrete plot to dawn upon me and make me embark on my writing journey.


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