Modern Wo-Man Malaise


Quite a while. I know I know I’ve just been lazing around, pretending to be busy with exams but of course I know how much I’m engrossed in studies and how much in Nothingness. To think of it we have no record, we as in other people as lazy as me, as to how much time we actually waste in waking up in the afternoon and doing the everyday chores till the evening. Sometimes I wonder whether I have Sleeping Sickness or something but then I don’t always feel like sleeping when I’m busy with wasting time. So what is the reason that I’m so compelled to shut my eyes and maybe not even sleep just lay still (at times sleep as well) I know it’s not something so technical as the “Modern-Man-Malaise” or a Woman’s actually, never mind, the point is the act of Nothingness. To be honest if I would have had an important exam, like say tomorrow, I would still be writing some nonsense rather than studying and in spite of knowing of the amount of work that lay pending!
Oh why such sleep instincts in my system? Oh why such inertia towards physical activities? Why the constant urge to laze around? Well more than me my parents are concerned with the above questions. But of course they affect me equally hard.

To be lazy is okay least it does not become a general characteristic of one’s personality. But What about Nothingness? I mean there is no plausible reason behind this malady called Nothingness. And it’s bitterly frustrating at times because there are times when I want to initiate a good habit in my routine but I’m not able to give it time because of no reason at all, I’m not able to take it up whole heartedly. And at my age, twenty two, something like this is a huge hindrance to the growth of my Self in person and perspective. Imagine if an entire nation were to be plagued by such a disease as Nothingness, wouldn’t life become easier? Oh right of course in my perspective there couldn’t be a more enjoyable life but it becomes problematic when I or rather people like me, affected by Nothingness, don’t fit into the garb of Society and hence are said to lack Interest.

You realize? I’ve been so engrossed in doing Nothing at all that I’ve ended up about writing Nothing at all. That’s my point. How much Nothingness grips one’s psyche. How bitterly it thwarts one’s thought process and leaves no room for action. Oh! I’m done now. This post is done, maybe more undone. I’ll sign of as for now till I find the cure to this fault in my system.


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