“We have the best Culture. It has no place for a WOMAN”


India’s Daughter’ a documentary by  BBC-4 on India’s most brutal rape story not only touches your soul, it renders you vulnerable, especially if you are a Woman. A Woman. The Second Sex. A Delicate Flower. A Weakling. In need of Protection. And who is that Knight in Shinning Armour who has the onus of our protection? I guess the same men who at the first instance will grab the slightest opportunity to Rape us. I say men, but not all men because a man who feels that women need not be protected, a man who feels that women are not weaklings, is a MAN in its true essence. And Real Men Don’t Rape.

The Government of India decided to ban the documentary from being showcased on national television because they felt it maligned the image of India internationally and that it would negatively affect tourism. As if people who come to India have no possible idea of what this country has to present to them, more so from their own experience.

I’m surprised at the audacity of the authorities who have banned this documentary citing the above reasons. How could a mere visual representation tarnish the India’s image when statistics in the first place speak for themselves. A woman is raped every twenty minutes in India, is that not enough evidence that ‘democratically elected sensible leaders’ choose to shut their eyes to reality and make remarks they feel will sway the conscience of people. I wish I could attach a copy of the documentary here for everybody to see but my supreme nation has chosen to block all links to that documentary. But I recommend please do watch it. Know what we think of our Women. Know how we feel about women who are Progressive or Liberated. We want our women to be educated, to earn for the family. End. We always want them to be our slaves.

If Education would have been the solution to social stigmas then people like the defence lawyers of the rape convicts would not have made statements like,

“A woman is like a flower. If it falls in the gutter, it is spoilt. If you place it in the temple, it is worshipped.”

“We have the best Culture. It has no place for a woman.”

“If my daughter or sister would indulge in premarital sexual activities, I would spill petrol on her and set her on fire in front of the entire family.”

If that is what Lawyers have to say about us, Women then I’m sorry India is clearly heading towards Oblivion. And mind you, it’s not the mentality of the minority but rather of the majority because lets face it, 1 in 3 families in India will have similar statements when confronted with similar situations, no matter how much we protest. We can protest against the government, the authorities but can we protest against our own family? To think of it, can we hope to change the mindset of people within our own house? I believe that is the real struggle against social evils such as Rape predominantly. The subordination of women is so indoctrinated in our systems that we cannot dare overthrow or uproot it. And what can be more overpowering, more satisfying than Rape; when the victim is begging, crying, pleading and the rapist is driven by a frenzy to teach her a lesson, to vandalize her dignity, to demolish her very existence, to suck out her soul.

I don’t wish to portray a very bleak picture of my country. After all I have nothing personal against it. I just feel frustrated at how things work in my country, within a confined structure, a confined ideology, be it the most ridiculously degraded ideology but we still abide by it.

So if a rape victim is asked to keep shut, we are okay with it.

If the rapist is not given the punishment he deserves, we are okay with it.

If the rape victim has to suffer alienation for no fault of hers, we are okay with it.

I really need to know, how long are we going to be OKAY with any nonsense that men want out of Women?

Tolerance is a bane if in excess. That is the problem of my nation. We are way too tolerant of things around us, of Rapes around us, of Female feticide around us, of acid attacks around us, of Eve teasing around us, of Domestic violence around us and why not. We are so indoctrinated to this sense of subordination and tolerance that we don’t come to realize it unless it happens to someone we know, or even worse, to US.

I have no idea how to end this post. Maybe because this post deals with issues that have no End.

End to Rape. Period.


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