An Idea to Change the Face of India

2015. Delhi State Polls. 188 out of 673 candidates, that is 27% of our probable leaders have declared pending criminal cases against them.
Does it seem odd? Well, to me it certainly does. People generally are fearful that having any sort of criminal record against their name might hinder in fetching them a job, but let me assure you that here in Politics, it does render you as the Supreme candidate and the most probable leader of the nation; the Chief Minister of the capital city of INDIA, as of in this case. First things first, the most important question that I guess nobody has been able to address until now is WHY? ; Why do we need to allow people with such backgrounds to contest elections and that too elections for the leaders of the nation, people who will affect the law making procedures of our country in every rightful way? These people, who themselves are offenders of that very Law, how can they in the least possible way address issues of the same? No wonder India is conceptually corrupt, it has been corrupt from its very conception back then in 1947 and continues to remain so, maybe even more. If a population of over a billion, consisting of world acknowledged doctors, engineers, scientists, managers, administrators and what not; chooses to shut their eyes, ears and also brains to such basic questions of governance, then how on Earth can we even dare to dream to be world-class India or a better India?
No, to think of it, out of the booming population (soon estimated to surpass China and hold the first position) could we not find enough individuals to contest elections in our so-called Democracy without having any black mark on their personality? At one level, it’s shameful for the people of India to blindly vote for such candidates and thereafter suffer at their hands but at another level, it also takes us down to the problem that serves at the roots of our democracy. Well, this is just and idea, and we never know, this idea may change our life. What I tend to propose as a young 21-year-old citizen of India, is a new system of politics completely devoid of any political party. Yes, let us do away with this system of political parties and the unhinged power that such agglomerations impart to their candidates. The equation thereafter will be much simpler. No political parties; No power relations; No race for the party ticket and so no CORRUPTION and less crime. Definitely, No criminals contesting to become leaders of our nation.

Statistics from HINDUSTAN TIMES, 31st January 2015 edition.
Statistics from HINDUSTAN TIMES, 31st January 2015 edition.

What I tend to propose goes this way:

1.National examinations held every 2-3 years for the post of the President, Prime Minister and the various Ministers of the State along with the Cabinet ministers, respective of their fields of interest. Let each candidate face an overbearing competitive examination and emerge as the selected candidates, based entirely on their merit. At least in such a situation there would be no hunt for power and money by the candidates as they will not know each other beforehand.
2.The selected candidates would then have to upload their profiles and manifestos on social media, print media, visual media, public hoardings, etc. This way a lot of money that goes into the useless election campaigns of the various political parties can be saved and utilized for conducting the National Examination. Thereafter, we can proceed with the usual voting process to let the public decide on their leaders.
3.An important factor to be kept in mind has to be the Tenure of Service for such elected candidates. 5 years is a long-term, enough to gather allies and create havoc over the nation, so let it be reduced to 2 years, at most 3 years after which the examination should be held again. The candidates who had once cleared and have served a term must clear the examination all over again. This way we ensure that candidates do not have any greed or opportunity to en-route to corrupt ways of making personal profits and corroding the nation.
4.The pin rule is definitely that No candidate with a pending criminal case or declared guilty case would be even allowed to sit for such exams.
5.A team of administrators, mainly IAS officers, can be made in-charge of the proper implementation of the examination. Actually my idea is very similar to the IAS, IPS and IFS examinations held in my country. What is mandatory is the revolution of even this core team every 2 to 3 years. Stagnation leads to rotting; a flowing river is always healthy.

Holding national-level-examinations to entries to various bureaus will also save other federations like the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) that is receiving a lot of flak for being overtly political in their ways rather than being creative. Of course my proposed idea is open to amendments and criticism but if the current model of governance is not yielding satisfactory results then I guess there’s no harm trying out new ways! And I think that a truly Secular Democratic India can be achieved this way.


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