Enough Prattle About Religion


So here I bring to you the latest news in my country.We have hoards of people burning down effigies of renowned actor Aamir Khan and banning his movie PK from certain parts of the country because they felt that a Muslim actor had no right to degrade Religion(mind you it’s always with a capital ‘R’) especially Hindu gods in his latest flick. Let me assure you readers that no educated, sensible individual would find anything degrading about gods in the movie; and that is why I don’t understand why certain people have so many issues with the content of the movie.

First obvious reason as to why such attacks are made seems to me that clearly such Hindu outfits are unemployed or in the least they have nothing to do except to eat, pray or sleep and at times to come up with hideous ideas of protesting against a mere cinematic representation when a lot of other IMPORTANT issues are awaiting their notice. Violent or not; let’s leave it upon these highly intellectual people to decide. Secondly the most important question that arises is “What on Earth is their problem?” I mean even I am a Hindu and I don’t find anything wrong with the movie. Yes it does portray Hindu gods in a jovial light but, excuse me, I don’t feel the need to exaggerate this issue because within the context of the cinematic representation of PK there was absolutely no degradation of any God whatsoever. The idea inherent to the plot was to transcend the social, religious or any sort of human identity in creating the protagonist as an extra-terrestrial creature; the analogy of an infant can be put to use here. A human child when born is completely unaware of the social entrapments of this world but gradually we tend to inject into the child various forms of identities and trap him in mind forged networks to stifle his individuality, something that is needed for Society as a unit to survive. Education, and that too the correct one, can liberate him but I guess these ‘Hindu’ outfits aren’t  educated enough to realize the difference between words like ‘context’, ‘art’, ‘analogy’ and ‘ideas’ and hence get caught in their own infantile tantrums by protesting against a cinematic representation; making it a matter of life and death. Practically, if one doesn’t like a particular movie, one can choose not to watch it but not end up creating a racquet about it. And third, I want to point out to evident outstanding success of the movie in a majorly ‘Hindu’ nation. So does that shut up the filth of the so called ‘Hindu’ protesters or should I presume that they are the only educated elite, thereby the saviours of our nation and that the rest must blindly follow them because they cannot decide for themselves? Injecting intellect into these ‘outfits’ is not possible. But not encouraging them by actually heeding to their nonsense or tight security against them can be considered an alternative. And if these saviours really have fire in their bellies then somebody please introduce them to issues such as Rape, Corruption, Terrorism and so many others. At least then they could be of some use.

Least I can only applaud these protestors for creating more interest in PK amongst the viewers and also helping Aamir Khan to gorge upon more and more money. I rest my case.


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