Black. Smoke. Dead.

Our own feelings at times result in a gloom that prevails over our eyes and foreshadows all emotions leaving behind a certain kind of Darkness. Something I’m certainly going through at this point and how do I open my eyes to the real world?  How do I get myself out of this stupor, this ‘apparent’ pain that haunts me, brimming my eyes every time I think about it and renders me a living Dead person.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is being capable of saving me from drowning and so finally I decided to pen it down ; atleast this Smoke should be of some use to me!
As I’m studying Literature, I’ve come across this really quirky play Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen and somewhere I really connect to it because it talks of a poignant yet a very precocious issue; the question of hanging on to a hypocritical relationship, be it husband-wife or parent-child or anything as of that kind. The main question is why does the Society, the biggest hypocrite, have to put mind-forged chains to stifle a happy and peaceful existence? What is the need to appear to live together happily when in reality every moment heads towards Collapse. I’m not too aware of situations in the West but here in India, certain relationships can become claustrophobic to the extent of driving one mad with rage or may even push one off the edge. But relax I’m in no mood to turn my blog into a suicide letter by taking the obvious step because yet another problem of Indian societies is the Inability to take a Decision, positive negative whatever; we’re used to getting used to everything; and we try and feel better by either creating a blog out of it (like me) or by waiting for time to pass. You know Time heals the deepest of pains. Yeah yeah true it does but I guess the marks remain for life.
Some of you may feel reading this a waste of time as in the end nothing really happens and I’m still not over my ‘apparent’ pain, but I do have the satisfaction of a new post for my blog! Like I said, utilizing your pain for a better cause is not such a bad idea.


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