The Story of an Indian woman. A Story we don’t want to Know.

Finally Free


The beep of the sonography

Declared me a daughter..

I was happy to see my family

They turned out to be slaughter..

Perpetually denied and oppressed..

All my dreams and aspirations

were happily suppressed…

Treated inhuman ,

I struggled to survive..

a dream in my eyes..

I still longed to be alive!

On attaining twenty…

When a saree I draped,

to crush my soul..

I was brutally raped.

He stripped me of every cloth

And of every feeling..

But couldn’t extinguish the fire,

In me was slowly unveiling..

Seeking bliss..I found a mate,

He promised to love me…

Not fearing the fate!

But my happiness like always had to be ruined!

To marry the rapist…

I was doomed!

First time in life,

I took a stand.

I eloped , got married..

I din’t wish to get hanged!

And surprisingly this happened to me…

They blamed me for rape…

And ruin of family!

So they came after us..

guns and swords in hand!

Slit my lover apart,

and made my life bland..

With a single shot, I was dead!

The Earth beneath us…painted Red.

After such a life…

Of pain and despotism,

I was free when I died..

And happy with freedom.



  1. Hands down …. like I always say u have it in u … u just need an opportunity to nail it… !! Love u :* keep writing !


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