Belief. Love. Life. Books.

What could have been more exhilarating than writing one’s own blog! Something I was so keen on pursuing but never got a chance to. However the time has come to unleash the Writer in me and so there will be no stopping now.

Belief. Love. Life. Books. They will get me going. Away from things (living, non living and abstract) that stifle my existence. Away to a new world where I can breathe the air that I want to breathe; not what somebody else decides for me 🙂

I am a student of Literature and that makes me immensely proud of myself. You must know why, because Literature has a hidden soul and once it unites with your soul, it can give you wings to fly.

If you are willing to break barriers of oppression and live life on your own terms, if you have a zeal to convey your opinions, your convictions without fear and if all you want is to live your life on your own terms; then I guess my writing will appeal to you.

Rest, the readers are the best judge, of course.


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