Why Do You Need An Editor?


So, are you done with writing whatever you had thought of putting down on paper? Are you done with reading it twice or thrice, feeling overwhelmed at your creative talent? Are you done with cuddling it and telling it how much you love it? If yes, then it's time you hand over your written baby … Continue reading Why Do You Need An Editor?



Sojourn, A Woman In Exile┬áis now ready for sale globally across various online platforms. It still seems like a distant reality to me. It is still hard to acknowledge myself as a writer and all this in spite of all the hard work that went into putting this novel together, word by word. I can't … Continue reading 26.08.2017

Turning Over A New Leaf!

For the longest time I have been wondering how to restart my writing regime without seeming awkward about yet another post that didn't talk about how I had lost the element to write. A lot of things have happened, and I'm still absorbing most of the changes but I think whatever happens is for the … Continue reading Turning Over A New Leaf!

The Bait

What shows the way, Isn't always what you wanted. What promises to stay, Isn't always what will. Maybe, life has had some trysts with destiny, That ensures misery and distrust. Maybe, life thought of being free forever, Ended up getting caught in the chains of thought. Why such incontinence, dear brain? That you choke me … Continue reading The Bait